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Milk Delivery

Many businesses in Darwin and surrounds need a regular delivery of milk and coffee we have a delivery round that covers many businesses around Darwin, for a small fee we can deliver milk fresh at the start of each week and have weekly accounts for your convenience need to know more about our office milk delivery contact Winnellie Supermarket.

Sliced Onions

sliced onions darwinAre you having a BBQ and looking for 1 to 1 million kgs of sliced onion we can do that to just call us for an order and pick it up the next day but if you want 1 million kgs we will need extra time want to know more about sliced onions darwin


ATM Winnellie

Since Westpac Winnellie has left us Winnellie supermarket now offers customers the opportunity to take cash out at our state of art ATM we have recently installed a DCPayments ATM in the supermarket for our customers.

Pet Food

We have recently introduced a range of fresh (frozen) pet food at a very competitive price for instance or Darwin Pet mince is jut 3.33kg if you want to know more please visit our information page

Emergency Orders and Bush Orders

You need something fast then you need Winnellie supermarket bush orders and emergency orders section, while it is true coles and Woolworths do online shopping, it is impossible to get special orders or quick deliveries. That’s where Winnellie supermarket comes in we get the job done just call 08 89816960


Winnellie supermarket offers a limited but popular range of entertainment platters. You can order by phone or of our platter page simply click here

Power cards / TokenWinnellie Shopping Center power cards

Oh yes , if you have one of those power water meters that take power cards either big or small we have you covered, we have 50 / 20 /10 powercards in big or small available 7 days a week.

Weekly Fruit and Veg

We offer super service with a weekly fruit and veg delivery where we can deliver a set amount each week to work within your budget we do this for a number of customers and have successfully done it for a number of years read more.

Beef jerky And Salty plums

We have what can only be described as possibly the best collection of beef jerky and salty plums in the world. We specifically focus on our salty plum and beef jerky website.


One day each year (July the first 9am to 9pm) Winnellie Supermarket provides Australia’s best range of fireworks. Designed for the people of Darwin we work very hard to get the best supply. The best range and our famous service read more about our Fireworks here.

If you need any-thing else just visit our contact us page