Winnellie Supermarket at the RAAF Base Gates.

Step into Winnellie Supermarket, your one-stop shop where variety meets value. Famous for our extensive range of bulk lollies, washing powder, noodles, and a dependable office milk delivery service, we ensure your shopping is a breeze.
Are you craving sliced onions? Find them here.

Indulge in our tomatoes’ vibrant, juicy splendour, now at a steal for $5.99/kg – get them before they vanish!
But wait, there’s more. Winnellie isn’t just your ordinary grocery store. We’re a hub of modern and traditional financial convenience, home to one of Darwin’s most accessible Bitcoin ATMs for the tech-savvy and a cash-out ATM for folks who like it old-school, open seven days a week.
Discover a world where quality, convenience, and choice converge only at Winnellie Supermarket!

Liquorice Plum 100g $3.95

Dive into a daring snack experience with our Liquorice Plums! Dubbed ‘Poo Plums’, these little wonders pack a bold licorice punch with a tart twist. Ready to challenge your taste buds?

Some Of Our Specialist Products And Services

Introduction Locally Sourced Organic (natural) Pet Meat: We have taken the thinking out of what to feed your Dog with our selection of local pet products. We buy our meat from local distributors and keep large quantities in stock to make sure we can always meet your needs

Current Bulk Pet Meat Flavours.

  • Chicken
  • Chicken, Sardine, Veg
  • Beef, Chicken, Sardine, Veg
  • Horse & Buffalo.

Free Wifi, Prepaid Wifi, and Mobile Phones

Winnellie Supermarket at the RAAF Base Gates has one of the largest ranges of pre-paid Mobiles in Darwin. We keep a range of Telstra products as well as unlocked phones for other providers. 

Free Wifi: We have a wifi station at the front of the store that allows you 15minutes of free wifi; you can extend the time with 2 hours costing just $1.

If you are traveling and need mobile internet, we have 4g mobile stations available for as little as $69. These are locked to the Telstra network, guaranteeing access in out-of-the-way NT locations… (some locations you need Satelite)

Our Most Popular Services

We provide various services that are not available anywhere else in Darwin. We have built knowledge and systems that make our delivery simple, easy reliable.

Here’s our Supermarket List

Milk Delivers from Winnellie Supermarket