akuna springs bulk nt water

Akuna Springs Single Sourced Natural Artesian Aquifer Water

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Akuna Springs is a single source, pure artesian water. This means that the water in your Akuna Springs bottle all came from the same artesian aquifer. This helps to ensure the quality of the water. This natural artesian aquifer was formed over 1 million years. This mineral-rich water has been naturally purified over a 10,000 year period by straining through limestone and quartz rocks. This gives the water a crisp and refreshingly smooth taste, but best of all, no chemicals are needed to purify this water, and no artificial minerals added.

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Akuna Springs Top Quality

I think of it like trying to acquire high grade sand. if you want high grade sand then you don’t grab a handful from every beach as you would have a motley of quality, but instead from a single source of high grade sand. if this analogy doesn’t make sense to you, then just replace sand with coffee.

One of the best things about Akuna Springs is that it’s 100% Australian. When you drink this water you’re enjoying a perfecta and unique balance of natural minerals that your body needs for electrolytes. This water is encased in a high quality PET bottle, with a 2 year shelf life, and available in many different sizes and quantities.

akuna springs bulk nt water

akuna springs bulk nt water

  • 600ml
  • 1.5lt
  • 5lt
  • 10lt bottles.

One of the reasons Akuna Springs water tastes so good is because of its high natural mineral content. With a pH level of 8.1, Akuna Springs water has a high alkalinity level to help balance the body’s acidity levels, and aid in digestion.

That’s not to mention the high levels of silica for healthy hair, skin, and nails; low sodium for heart health; and is rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium for every day health.

Akuna Spring’s Support Charities From Darwin

Do you need another reason to drink Akuna Spings? How about their great charity work!
“Our brand aims to donate 10% of all our pretax profits to the Akuna Foundation™, to be distributed to Territory and Australian projects that need help. The foundation will help to sponsor community projects, Indigenous literacy and sporting programmes and help support territory organisation’s that need funding to keep the vibrant community spirit alive.”

So buy Australian to help an Austrlaian, and enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of Akuna Springs water. Winnellie supermarket also offers it in large wholesale qty’s which we keep in stock. So if you are looking for 1 bottle or 10 cases of NT artesian bottled water then visit winnellie supermarket or contact us .

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