Basics card Management Phone
November 1, 2013 By Wayne @ Winsup 0

Basics card checking

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basics card kiosk

Well customers as part of Winnellie supermarkets customer friendly service options we have made our very own basics card machine. Basically all you have to do is swipe your basicscard and enter a pin and bingo you can check your balance.

Obviously you can ring and go online but you have to enter a long group of numbers and this is hard for those with bad eyesight.

Free To Use Available 7 days.

Our machine is located in a convenient location and comes with a card swiping attachment. It is built on robust technology that has been proven for many years.

Basics card Management Phone
Check Your Card At Winnellie Supermarket.

It interfaces with the government Basics-card Website over secure interface and refreshes automatically every 1 minute to clear any history. So its completely secure.

Our machine is available 7 days a week , except when the interface is under maintenance. Which happens from time to time.

This Machine was a gods end, One of the only small supermarkets to have one. the phone has come in handy as well

Happy Customer.

Basics card Management Phone.

We understand from time to time you need to contact centre link directly to sort out any issues with your account so we have provided a pay phone that’s free to call the 1800 132 594 basics card management line.

The phone is perfect for checking balances and moving money and its one goal is to make your life easier.

At this time our machine can only check the basics card. It does not check the The cashless debit card . But the cashless debit card can still be used at our tills because we accept all visa and master cards.

We hope that you make good use of our card machine and would like to know if our customers are interested in other services like ATM’s please let us know if you have any suggestions.

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