bulk rump $9.99kg in darwin

Bulk Meat Darwin

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If you live in Darwin you know how hard it is to get BULK meat at a bulk price. Well, Winnellie Supermarket has gone Direct. While we don’t have butchers we do have a great supplier that sells us the meat direct. Yes, it is bulk and in many instances, it is over 4kg.

We only have a limited selection of bulk meat for instance 9 items. But we are open 7 days and we offer amazing service.

Prices Can Change Without Notice

Bulk Meat Selection and Price.

Please call 89816960 before you come to check price and availability.

Because of our limited range, we concentrate on the best sellers and then buy heaps of them.  Our current selection is as follows.

  • Rump Under 6kgs (about 4kg) vac packed only $16.99 a kg 
    bulk rump $9.99kg in darwin

14 thoughts on “Bulk Meat Darwin”

  1. Hi there,
    Where does your meat comes from, which part of Australia ?
    Is it grass fed? Can you prove it?
    Do you only have frozen meat? Any fresh?

  2. Wayne @ Winsup

    Dear Jessica our meat comes from , QLD and WA. As for grass fed Im not certain how we can prove this but I asked the wholesaler and he said they are all grass fed cattle. I could ask for some sort of proof if you like. We have both frozen and fresh.

  3. Hi
    Do you still stock these items. And do I need to order or are they in the store,

  4. We have bulk rump and scotch at the moment, price has risen but it is still the cheapest in darwin.

  5. Hi, that Topside sounds perfect for a family curry night. Can I pick it up Friday. And do you have chicken breast fillets?

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