Cooking Under Pressure, How To Make Meals Fast

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Not all potatoes are the same, and if you substitute one type of potato for another, your dish may not come out like you expected. For example, there are waxy potatoes that are ideal for making potato salad and boiled potatoes but are a poor choice for french fries, baked potatoes, or mashed potatoes. Russet potatoes are best suited for baking or mashing, or for making french fries.

Be sure to care for your wooden cutting board properly. Excess moisture, heat and dryness may cause a wooden chopping board to split and warp. You should not ever leave your board submerged in water, rather apply a wet sponge to clean it. If you need to restore a board that is damaged, regularly apply an oil that is formulated for wooden cutting boards. Allow your board to dry completely between uses.

You can reduce the cleanup required from meal preparation by washing dishes as you use them. If you have a double sink, keep hot soapy water and clear, fresh rinse water in each side of the sink. Utensils and mixing bowls are easy to rinse off right after being used and will be nice and clean for the next ingredient in your meal.

Herbs and seasonings should be used when they are fresh whenever possible. Dried herbs, such as oregano and basil. are only good for dishes that are complex and have many different flavors going on. Fresh herbs are preferable because of the more intense flavors that they add to the food. Consider growing your own herb garden. You can grow many herbs in a small space and have them on hand constantly.

Make your corn more exciting by adding flavored butter to it. Soften the butter in the microwave, or leave it on the kitchen counter for a while. Then mix in herbs, spices or sauces to add an extra burst of flavor. Lemon juice, chipotles, BBQ and honey are some things to try.

When you cook veggies, try using some chicken broth! Try cooking your veggies in chicken broth. It adds a nice flavor, and the veggies will not stick to the pan. Chicken broth is easily purchased at almost every supermarket, and is quite inexpensive.

This is an easy way to cut cinnamon rolls! Once the cinnamon roll is prepared, you need to slice it before popping it into the oven. However, this can sometimes be a challenge. You can cut the dough easily by placing a piece of thread right under the spot where you wish to cut the roll. Another great idea for cutting dough is to refrigerate it long enough to make it stiff. This will guarantee perfect slices of cinnamon rolls.

Protect your investment in herbs and spices by storing them correctly – in a cool, dark space. When you keep them in cabinets or in warmer areas, they tend to lose flavor.

This will ensure that the fruit stays fresh for an entire year. Also, you’ll have certain fruits on hand that can’t be grown during certain periods of the year.

Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready before you start cooking. By doing this, you won’t be in the middle of a recipe and realize you’re missing a vital ingredient. While not saving any real time by pulling out the ingredients early, you’ll definitely save yourself some aggravation along the way with this preplanning.

Skim the fat off the top of soups and stews. If your stew or soup contains too much fat, simply allow the dish to cool after cooking it, and wait until the fat rises to the surface. If you place an ice cube onto your spoon you can skim it over the surface. The ice cube will attract the fat. You can also blot the fat with a paper towel, if you prefer.

If you are planning to cook dried beans, wait until they have softened before you add garlic or salt. This is because adding salt or garlic will stop your beans from getting softer, particularly if you are cooking old beans. Waiting until the beans are soft will give you the flavor and texture you want.

Cooking is much more than simply placing food on your table. It is a fun activity, and can be delicious as well. You might fail at some of the tips that you try in this article, but it always happens. Use these guidelines in your kitchen in order to guarantee yourself culinary success.

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