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Denizens of the Northern Territory in Australia can now enjoy drinking Dr Pepper and taste its other products as it becomes available, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, is now available at Winnellie Supermarkets very own Dr Pepper shop in Darwin. While Dr Pepper products have been enjoyed by Australians for many years, the Dr Pepper Darwin shop caters to residents of Darwin as well as visitors to the culturally-diverse city.

What makes the taste of Dr Pepper so unique? According to the late W.W. Clements, who had helped Dr Pepper become a household brand in the United States and Dr Pepper Darwin

What makes the taste of Dr Pepper so unique? According to the late W.W. Clements, who had helped Dr Pepper become a household brand in the United States and Dr Pepper Darwinaround the world, the soft drink’s taste is one-of-a-kind. Its unique yet delectable taste cannot be compared with anything. It doesn’t taste like strawberry, orange, or apple. It can’t even be qualified as a root beer or a cola. If you happen to be curious about the taste, just go to the Dr Pepper Darwin shop and see what the fuss is all about or sign up to our twitter feed.

Dr Pepper Darwin Growing Selection

The Dr Pepper Darwin shop carries various flavours of the uncommon soda, including the original Dr Pepper flavour (always in stock the others intermittent), Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet CherryVanilla Dr Pepper, Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Ten, CherryVanilla Dr Pepper, as well as Caffeine Free Dr Pepper.

Here are some descriptions of the soda’s various flavours that are found in the Dr Pepper Darwin shop. The original Dr Pepper has a signature blend of 23 flavours, which is top-secret proprietary stuff. There are a lot of people who ask whether Dr Pepper’s has prune juice in its ingredients list. The manufacturers say there is none.

Drinkers of Dr Pepper Ten enjoy the same 23 flavours with only 10 calories whilst Diet Dr Pepper has no calories. Dr Pepper Cherry has a hint of cherry in it. For those of you who don’t want extra caffeine in your system, the Caffeine Free Dr Pepper still offers the 23 flavours in the original Dr Pepper.

For those who want a sophisticated alternative, the Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is meant for those who want to slowly savour the subtle blend of cherry and vanilla in the original Dr Pepper. The Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper offers the three luscious flavour combinations without the calories. The Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper just offers the soda’s rich blend without the calories and the caffeine.

If there are people who follow certain belief-based dietary laws, the manufacturer attests that the ingredients used to make Dr Pepper are kosher. Now, one can be sure that Dr Pepper products can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to have a taste of Dr Pepper to drink yourself or to share with a group, you can drop by the Dr Pepper Darwin shop and get a can for AUD3.00. You can even stock up on the drink and get a 12-pack carton for AUD23.95.

Dr Pepper products are for the adventurous types and the Dr Pepper Darwin shop at Winnellie Supermarket also has other products aside from the drinks. Going inside the shop is a never-ending adventure and you are going to be dazzled with other products like apparel, electronics, drink ware, and accessories. Want More information Contact us .

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  1. Is there any chance of shipping some down to Tassie? I really want some caffeine-free Dr Pepper.

  2. Dear Patric if we can get any caffeine free ill give you a price to ship it to you thanks wayne

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