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Emergency Food Order

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From time to time Businesses or government agencies need to supply their people or customers an Emergency Food order . These businesses  like to have the sale managed Emergency Food orderand paid for in a professional and discreet manner. Winnellie supermarket offers the ability for government agencies and businesses to remotely purchase Emergency Food Order over the phone or fax.

Reasons For Emergency Food order

We have a list of reasons somebody would want an emergency food order, to help their people or clients.

  • Business: Remote Staff pay didn’t go through
  • Business: Remote Staff Lost credit card or were robbed
  • Government: Centerlink have clients needing emergency food
  • Salvo’s: Have clients needing emergency food
  • Government: Have clients needing emergency phone credit
  • Government: Have clients needing emergency power cards

This service is very specific and we guarantee you delivery of the till receipt to the email of your choice within 1 hour of completion of the sale. We also make sure the customers are restricted to the type of groceries that your business policy allows. For instance only food items would restrict to a purchase that does not include liqueur, smokes, playing cards, lotto tickets or phone cards.

To access this service all you need to do is give us a call on (08) 89816960 and we will walk you through what we need to make this the fastest and easiest for you. In general by the time we get the call it is already an emergency, but as you can imagine offering this type of service we need to be careful that the person placing the order is genuine, that’s why we bill you by card.

How You Pay For The Emergency Order

You can phone through the credit card number and details about your customer if you want to do this please fill in the mobile friendly form below.


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  • All orders need to be paid before they leave you can pay by card
  • QTYItem 

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