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June 18, 2017 By Wayne @ Winsup 0

Fireworks in Darwin

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If you are new to Darwin then you won’t know what happens on JULY the first. Basically we are lucky enough to get to celebrate territory day with fireworks. Fortunately we are one of the only places in Australia fireworks darwinthat can sell fireworks for the general population to use.

At this time people flock from around Australia to experience the fun of setting off your own explosive fun. Good news for the people of Darwin Winnellie Supermarket at the Winnellie shops is selling fireworks this year.

We have done a deal with the original and best supplier of fireworks in Australia and have decided to sell the dominator range. With names like firepower, air raid and bad boy we have just what the explosive doctor ordered.

Dominator Fireworks Offers More Bang for your bucks

The range of fire-works sold in Darwin supplied by Dominator are simply amazing. Worked out on a bang for buck scale dominator dominates, no pun intended. Many of this year’s fireworks are tried and tested with some amazing new additions such as the dynamite buzz bomb and dynamite V2 rocket. If you want the Dominator darwin-dominator price-list-2016 download it or simply pre-order. Please be Advised Fireworks can only be set off between 6pm and 11pm on the 1st july.

Dominator Darwin Fireworks Quality Watch This Clip

Pre – order form below….

We have spent the last year researching fireworks choices and found that there simply only one fireworks this territory day and that is the dominator. You can download the pricelist here or simply pre order your dominator fireworks below.

The Dominator Range and Price and  Pre order

You can pre order your fireworks for pickup on the 1st of july after 9am at Shop 13/347 Stuart Highway Winnellie at your chosen time. if you are late please let us know or your fireworks will be sold.

The Dominator fireworks have been providing the people of Darwin with Amazing entertainment for over 20 years. Our Fireworks are absolutely amazing and provide the most exciting demonstrations ever. With bigger bangs and brighter booms you will be absolutely amazed at the results.

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