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Get Your kids to Eat More Fruit With These 3 Tips

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Get Your kids to Eat More Fruit With These 3 Tips


Some kids love fruit, but most just tolerate it. Of course, there is some fruit that everyone loves, such as strawberries, but you can’t put them in your kids lunch box each morning. besides, a healthy diet consists of variety.


It is very important that your kids eat a healthy amount of food. As adults we sometimes neglect a healthy diet, which is fine, but it isn’t ok for your kids. your kids are still growing, and everything that they put into their body has a chemical impact on them. All molecules are just chemicals, and your body is made of molecules. So it is important that you add the correct chemicals to your kids bodies in order for them to grow their bodies and their minds.fruit

The old saying “you are what you eat” is partially true. If you eat a lot of chocolate you wont turn into a chocolate, but your body re-purposes the molecules in the chocolate for what it needs. So if your body needs a molecule that is in fruit, but you only eat chocolate, you will be very unwell.


This is the reason why parents from the beginning of time have struggled and struggled to get their kids to eat right, because it is incredibly important for a growing body and mind.


So here are a few tips to help you get the right molecules/food in your child’s mouth.


  • Kids love being involved in “gown up” activities. if you take them shopping with you, and you give them the option to choose the fruit they wont, they will be much more likely to eat it. Not only is this a good way to get your child to eat fruit, but it can teach them about what servings of the different food groups are needed. Kids can be pain when they trail you around the shops, but they just might have a different attitude when they are actively apart of the choice.


  • Kids are genetically designed to mimic their elders. This is how kids learn to walk, talk, act, etc. So if you want your kids to eat healthy, you must first set a good example. When your kids home from school, sit down and eat a fruit salad with them. This will be nice bonding time, and will be a sure fire way to get them to eat more fruit.


  • Have fun! I strongly believe that the best way to get a child to learn is by making learning fun and interesting. Getting them to eat more fruit should be no different. You make it fun by getting them involved in the preparation. See if they want their fruit cut into fun shapes. See if they can prepare it in their lunch box to look like a funny face. Make different fruit arrangements and get your kids to call them funny names. The options are limited only by your imagination.



Remember, it is in your kids best interest to eat fruit, and the only thing stopping them from doing so is choice.

Get the kids involved, have fun, and eat healthy.

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