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What Makes Happy Pants as Fun as they Sound

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Happy pants doesn’t seem like a name for a high-end piece. While it may not be worth bragging for the brand and price, it’s like-able for many other reasons.

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Chilling Made More Comfier

Sometimes, don’t you just wish to spend an entire day at home? Do nothing but binge-watch. Bond with your loved ones. Call for food delivery or just cook meals on your own. Additionally, wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Sweatpants and pajamas are the go-to outfits for staycations. It’s also worth considering the fun-sounding trousers.

Made from thin and flowy fabric, expect the pants to be lightweight and comfortable. Its looseness makes it airy as well. Because of these, you might even want to don it as a sleepwear.

A Piece for an Asian Trip

In the countryside in South Korea, many residents love sporting colorful, loose pants. Travelers and fans of South Korean culture fondly remember them as ajumma pants. Ajumma, or middle-aged women, wear them at home, in the farms and even in the markets. Also called work pants, women use them as they relax on the park or travel to the city.

Many South Korean celebrities proudly sport the well-loved trousers on TV shows. It’s not surprising that a lot of their overseas fans also want to try them.

If you like to visit the said country, consider bringing your happy pants. The piece won’t take much space in your bag anyway. You can put it on before you sleep in your hotel room or after you bathe in one of the saunas.

The said pants are also an ideal summer outerwear. You can easily match it with a figure-flattering shirt. As for your footwear, flats and sneakers are great options.

It’s not just for a South Korean trip though. You can wear the pants before you brave the heat and crowds in Thailand’s Khao San Road. It’s also a comfy and chic outfit for souvenir-shopping in Boracay Island, Philippines. Sleeveless, figure-flattering shirt complements the loose pants. Slippers and sandals can complete your getup.

Pants That Doesn’t Discriminate

Happy pants are often branded for being one-size-fits-all trousers. It might not fit the horizontally challenged though. Other than that, it’s safe to say the pants are quite universal.

The randomness of the colors and lack of pattern make the pants as universal as you can get. You can proudly put it on regardless of your sexual preference. Thanks to its gartered waist, you can also don it comfortably whether you’re skinny, chubby or in between. You can tie it on the waist to further secure it.

Happy Pants Make You happy

The pants are one of those things that you can share with your partner. It’s also something you can let a guest borrow during sleepovers.

Due to its thin fabric, the pants won’t be suitable for machine-wash. However, you can easily wash it by hand as it is lightweight and thin.

Happy pants are currently on sale at Winnellie Supermarket. For just $15, you can bring home one of the comfiest trousers out there.

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