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Kangaroo Tail and Chickpea Soup

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If you want a tasty meal that will make your dietician happy, then we have a decidedly Australian dish here for you to try. Kangaroo Tail Chickpea Soup.Kangaroo Tail Chickpea Soup

As I’m sure you know, Kangaroos are only found in Australia, making this a dish unique to Aus. You can find Kangaroo tails in most supermarkets.

This isn’t just a good dish to share with your family, but also something special to cook up for anyone visiting internationally. Let them go home with the pleasure of saying “I have eaten kangaroo”.

If obtaining Kangaroo is too hard or if it doesn’t sound appetising to you, you can simply substitute the tail for regular beef or venison.

Serves four people. Units of measurement in US.

Kangaroo Tail Chickpea Soup Recipe:



1 tablespoon olive oil

1 kangaroo tail (sectioned by the butcher)

1 brown onion, diced

1 carrot, diced

1 (440 g) can diced tomatoes

1⁄4 cup tomato paste

1 (440 g) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

2 liters water (or beef stock or a mix of the two)

3 bay leaves



5 garlic cloves, crushed

1⁄2 bunch mint, roughly chopped (optional)


Cooking Directions:

Head the oil in a large pot.

Sweat off the onions and garlic.

Add salt, pepper and bay leaves (and aniseed myrtle, if using) and cook for two minutes.

Add kangaroo tail and brown.

Add water/stock and tomatoes and paste and bring to the boil.

Add carrot and chickpeas and simmer until the roo tails are tender ( a few hours).

Add the mint just before serving.

Making the Kangaroo Tail and Chickpea Soup. and Chickpea Soup is as easy as that. Not only will you enjoy the delicious taste of the kangaroo, but your body will be thankful to have the incredibly healthy chickpeas accompanying it. Come into Winnellie Supermarket to get all the ingredients you need to make this very Australian dish yourslef.

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