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Kangaroo tails Frozen and wrapped

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If you are visiting the Northern territory or in Particular Darwin you might be interested to know about a local staple Frozen Kangaroo tails

If you are visiting the Northern territory or in Particular Darwin you might be interested to know about a local staple Frozen Kangaroo tailsKangaroo tails. It is a local delicacy that shares ancient roots, and has been providing Territorians nourishment for millions of years.

In the past if you actually wanted a kangaroo tail you had to go and catch one yourself and then get your own tail. This proved problematic because as it turns out kangaroos are bloody tricky to catch and really like their tails.

Current tails are Skin On.

Winnellie Supermarket has worked hard to make it easier for their customers by organizing a direct regular supply of frozen kangaroo tails. We sell them as a single unit or by the box and always have them in stock, although if your having a party and want more than a couple give us a day and we will get you as many as you need. Many of our readers are wondering how do cook them, a very good question so we have organised our 2 most popular recipes.

Camp Fire Kangaroo tails

kangaroo tail darwin

kangaroo tail darwinYou can get kangaroo tails with hair on or off the one we keep the most is hair on the easiest and quickest way to get the hair of is to burn it off in a fire just throw it directly in and singe the hair off. Once you have singed the hair you just wipe it of with a cloth this leaves the underlying tail and then you just put this into your oven or under the coals, like a old style bush oven then you can eat the meat like you do corn off the cob.

Kangaroo tail Soup/Stew (like ox – osso bucco tail but better)

For this recipe it is actually better to get the rootail skin off, it may cost a little extra but in our opinion it is much easier then ” wrap in alfoil cook in oven / under coals  for 20 to 30 minutes on high , peel skin off”

Once you have the rootail with skin off cut into bits and add to a slow cooker then add vegetables any assortment you like, covering the Kangaroo tail,  ad 1/2 to 1.5  litre’s of stock (chicken or beef) depending if you want soup or stew then put on low for 6 hours and then boom you have kangaroo stew, for ease of mind take out the bones. If you want to know about beef Osso Bucco click here.

We cannot ship tails as they are frozen.

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If you are looking for Kangaroo tails in Darwin then look no further than Winnellie Supermarket at shop 13/ 347 Stuart Hwy Winnellie or call 89816960 to see how many we have in Stock, remember we are open 7 days.

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