Lamb Ribs

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I love meat. Something truly special happens when you introduce heat to lamb ribs

I love meat. Something truly special happens when you introduce heat to lamb ribsJust think about it, a raw piece of bacon smells boring and tastes worse; cooked bacon smells amazing and tastes even better…magic.

Lamb has a special place in my heart. Not for any sentimental reasons, but simply because it tastes divine. If I was condemned to eat only one thing for the rest of my life, I would confidently choose lamb knowing that I could never possibly get tired of it.


These pre-marinated lamb ribs are one of my main food groups. I don’t just mean lamb, but these particular ribs. There is nothing easier for a good looking bachelor like myself to cook then these ribs.

You can stick them in the fry pan with a bit of oil. Or you can be someone after my own heart and BBQ them.

When I BBQ these bad boys I like to add a touch of fresh lemon to them as they cook, just to compliment the mint and salt marinade they come with.

Mint Lamb Ribs on the BBQ

To be honest, I probably BBQ way to often. When I am not out adding some char grill to my lamb ribs, I am inside frying them. I simply put them in a fry pan with a small dash of oil. You don’t need to add anything else to the marinated ribs, so I just cook some mushrooms and tomato in the pan alongside the ribs. I also enjoy broccoli, so I add that, but any greens is good.

Another simple ‘recipe’ that I make is to simply cook the lamb ribs, mash potato, and some gravy.

If you’re feeling super lazy but still want a great taste, cook the lamb ribs with some baked beans. Seriously, lamb makes everything better.

A simple healthy mean for the family is a good salad with a generous serving of ribs.

Did I ever tell you how much I love lamb?


The other great thing I like about these lamb ribs, being a rich, muscular, good looking, talented, bachelor, and all; is that they come in good portions. I can cook up all 8 of them, try my best to gorge them all in one sitting, then fail at that and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. A quick spin in the microwave, and they taste just as good as they did the day before. My god, I love technology…and lamb.

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