Mt Barker Free Range Chicken

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Mt Barker Free Range Chicken really love their chickens, and I don’t just mean the taste. They treat their charges better than most people treat their family pet. With the love, care, and attention these chickens receive, they are easily the happiest farm animal for miles around.

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Mt barker Free Range Chickens live a life fit for a king. They start off their lives in a computer operated temperature controlled room. In this room they are never too hot or too cold. The little babies are checked on every hour to ensure they are easting and drinking a healthy amount. They are cared for by the same stockman throughout this period, as a familiar face goes a long way to keeping them calm and happy. The stockman also wears dark cloths, so as not to frighten them.

Mt Barker Free Range Chicken’s Roam Free

Once they reach adulthood, they are free to wander the far and wide, exploring the interesting insects in the grass, the chicken play gym, or relax under the shade of wigwam. The stockman checks up on the adult chickens twice a day to make sure they aren’t getting into any trouble, but they are otherwise left alone to play and socialise.


The little chicks have a special diet that encourages healthy growth. Once they reach adulthood, the Mt Barker Free Range Chicken

The little chicks have a special diet that encourages healthy growth. Once they reach adulthood, the Mt Barker Free Range Chickenchickens are free to roam around and catch bugs and eat grass to their hearts content. They also get a healthy blend of grains, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other goodies to keep them happy and healthy.


Why do all of this? Well, there is one main reason and everything else comes second fiddle. The main reason is “why not?”. These animals deserve to have their time on earth be happy and stress free if it is within our power to do so. Everything has the same right to life as we do, so why not make it a good one if we can so easily do so.

We all like to eat meat, but there is no reason why we should be unnecessarily cruel.

What Mt Barker Free Range Chickens are doing is something that we all be pushing our farms to practice. The best way to get this practice to be common place is to buy free-range products.


So support the guys are doing the right thing, and buy a Mt Barker Free Range Chicken for your next BBQ simply contact us. They are now available in Darwin at Winnellie Supermarket from Monday 27/11/17.

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