New Zealand flounder now in Darwin

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New Zealand flounder is a righteye flounder that lives at depths of up to 100m. This fish is called a righteye because most species lie on the sand on their left side, with both eyes on their right side.

The incredible thing about these fish is that they start off with an eye on both sides of their heads and round bodies, but as they reach the juvenile stage one eye moves to the right side leaving the other blind and it’s body takes on a flat diamond shape.

This New Zealand flounder lacks a swim bladder, and so spends most of it’s life on the sea floor.

The New Zealand sand flounder is a tasty fish and very easy to cook with many different ways to cook and serve. The simplest recipe for New Zealand flounder is to wash it, drenching in flour and frying each side in a medium hot pan with oil/butter until the skin is crisp. This makes a delicious fried fish that is crispy and soft in all the right places.

If fried food isn’t your thing, try this recipe that will impress your taste-buds (feeds four):

Ingredients:New Zealand Flounder

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