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Why you should use frozen pet food mince instead of Dog food

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Buying dog food has become no different to buying a bottle of milk. It’s part of your weekly shopping that gets done without putting much thought into it. You need milk? You go buy milk, right? Well you need dog food mice.

Well, much like milk, there is more than one option for dog food, and one type can be better for you than the other. Even though we all fall into the same paradigm of what we buy at the shops, it’s important to evaluate all of your options and choose what’s best.

Real pet food mince

This is where Pet Food Mince comes in. We all go the supermarket and get the same tins and bags of dog/cat food. Dogs/Cats, like a lot of mammals, need a somewhat varied diet. This is why the dry dog biscuits are a good breakfast for your pooch. They have a lot of the good stuff dogs need incorporated into them. But what do you feed your dog at night? The tins of dog food are meant to a good source of protein for your dog, but I have an even better solution…Pet Food Mince.

This mince is made out of real meat, no different to the mince that you or I would eat, except it is composed of off-cuts, the stuff you would normally make a stew out of.

Open up a tin of dog food and compare it to this mince, and you will instantly see for yourself which is the healthier and more natural product. Pet Food Mince looks like real food, mince you would be happy to put into a sausage. Dog food tins look gelatinous and smell gross. You wouldn’t feed it to your worse enemy.

This type of  mince isn’t only incredibly good for your pet, but it tastes amazing! Your pet pet mince darwin

This type of  mince isn’t only incredibly good for your pet, but it tastes amazing! Your pet pet mince darwinwill appreciate this mince as much as anything you would give him from your plate, under the dinner table.

Pet Food Mince is ready to serve. Animals love raw meat, as this is how their ancestors have always eaten. There is nothing dangerous about feeding this pet food mince to your pets, and they and their body will appreciate you for it.

Different Types Of Pet food mince in Darwin

Pet Food Mince is very cheap and easy to store. You can get six months worth of pet food and store it in your freezer, ready to be given to your pets.

Pet Food Mince is his high in protein and other essential nutrients all mammals need. You can feed this mince to any pet that eats meat.

  • Assorted and mixed mince $4.58 kg
  • Beef and roo mince $7.48kg

So stop treating your family pet as if it is a item in your house that you need to keep alive, and treat it like a member of the family and give it the best you can, without breaking the bank.

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