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All versions of Power Cards Now Available.

Winnellie Supermarket keeps power cards for sale we have both large and small power tokens, if you need power tokens to feed your power meter in the northern territory then please feel free to give us a call via our contact us page.

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What Is A power Token and How does it work

Power is credited to the meter by a single-use token, available for purchase across the Territory. The token is a magnetic strip card that comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50. The card is fed into a slot on the front of the meter and the value of the card is credited to the meter. The meter can hold credit of up to $999.

Who uses These Meters
power cards

2 thoughts on “All versions of Power Cards Now Available.”

  1. Wayne @ Winsup

    Good question these cards fit all jacana energy (PAWA) power meters but there are a couple of locations in darwin that use their own power cards. If your power card is the all white power cards with a stripe then these are not compatible with these power cards.

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