queens slipper playing cards

Queens Slipper Playing Cards

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So what do you do when you have no wifi connection? What do you do when you’re out
camping, you’ve finished your BBQ, you’ve got a drink in hand and are looking for something to do? Queens Slipper Playing CardsWhat do you do when your mates come round for some quiet ones? You play cards with Queens Slipper Playing Cards, of course!

People have been playing cards for a very long time. The earliest card we know of dates back to 1400AD from the Ming Dynasty, China. The oldest card game that we know the rules of is  Madiao, a trick-taking game, which dates to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The modern standard 52-Card Deck that we use today are from the French Playing Cards. Most of these cards were hand painted back when they were made in the 15th century. English playing cards didn’t come until a much later century, so they imported foreign playing cards and changed the names. For example, the clovers were renamed as clubs, and pikes were renamed after swords (spades).

Queens Slipper Playing Cards For Singles or Groups

There are a lot of games you can play with Queens Slipper Playing Cards, some of them by yourself and some of them can be played by a large group of people. They’re even a main attraction in magic tricks. One of the beautiful things about card games is that the only tool you need is a deck of cards and someone willing to play. Card games are very inexpensive and there are a large number of games to use them for.

Cards came to Australia with the first European settlers, and have become one it’s most played games in Casinos and houses alike.

Queen’s Slipper Playing Cards are manufactured in Australia and have been entertaining its people for over 90 years.

It doesn’t matter where you go in Australia you will find a packet of Queen’s Slipper Playing Cards in the kitchen draw. These cards are as much a part of Australia as Vegemite.

So if you have BBQ coming up, a small party at home, or a games night at your

So if you have BBQ coming up, a small party at home, or a games night at your place; don’t forget to take your deck of Queen’s Slipper Playing Cards. We promise this game won’t ruin as many families as Monopoly but will keep you occupied for just as long.

Queens Slipper Now Available in Darwin

If you are in Darwin or surrounds and want a surefire way of finding these playing cards then you need to visit Winnellie Supermarket we have a massive supply of these cards in stock and can sell in any quantities. In fact, you can get a whole inner of cards (12 packs) for just $50 dollars. If you want to place an order then please call 08 89816960. We can express post these cards to you and it does not matter where you are in Australia.

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