Sarongs are a Perfect Durable Fashion Accessory With Vibrant Colours

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Sarongs are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can wrap yourself in. You can wear them by themselves as a skirt, shirt, boob-tube, vest…pretty much anything.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. A sarong can be used as a fashion accessory that compliments your clothing. The incredible range of colours and patterns means there is a sarong to perfectly fit any outfit.

Sarongs darwin
Sarongs darwin

Winnellie Supermarket have an absolutely massive range of high quality New Zealand Sarongs. There are heaps of vibrant colours to choose from, and plenty of dark colours to match your black outfit. These are high quality and made to be worn outdoors, so you can sure they will survive a big night out.

At Winnellie Supermarket in Darwin, you can choose to get one of their awesome sarongs for $18 or five of them for $60.50! It always pays to buy in bulk.

Going on a tropical holiday? For $60.50 you can get a different sarong for Monday to Friday. Are you outside darwin buy online.

Our Sarongs are One size fits all

They are large enough to be used for any area of your body, or you can cover your whole body for that “tropical beauty queen” look.

At 175cm length and 110cm height, this is a one size fits all.

Sarongs are unisex. So come on guys, wrap yourself in a sarong when you’re at the beach in your budgie-smugglers. trust me, people at the beach will love it…or atleast, they will love that you have covered your junk.

You never see photos of people backing around the world without a sarong in them. This is because of their great value. They are cheap, strong and durable, and damn sexy.

So before you go to the beach with your friends this weekend, come into Winnellie Supermarket and pick yourself up a gorgeous floral sarong with vibrant colours that will make you stand our, or a deep purple and black stylised sarong to look like a dark and mysterious beauty. If you want to know about our sarongs contact us.

How to Tie a sarong

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