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Welcome to Winnellie Supermarkets world famous deli platters page, we have been supplying our fresh party platters to Darwin for over 20 years. Our selection is made from local and imported ingredients that are designed to both amaze your taste buds and your wallet. We are centrally located at shop 13/347 Stuart highway Winnellie.


All our platters are under 50 bucks and we offer a fresh easy to book range that has been supplying smiles to parties and functions for years. While we have a limited selection we have found that these more than meet the needs of most of our customers so of whom follow our face book page. You can order by phone 89816960 or simply fill in the order form at the bottom of this page.

Our Platters Selection

Cold Meat Platter $40

cold meat platters darwin

Our cold meat offering has  rolled Virginian ham, round leg slices , salami, corned beef, roast beef (or chicken) cheese biscuits and a dip laid on a bed of lettuce and garnished with parsley.

Seafood platter $40

seafood platters darwin

Our seafood offering has oysters and prawns laid on a bed of lettuce , garnished with lemons and a homemade seafood sauce.

Chicken Platter $40

BBQ chicken platters Darwin

Fresh BBQ Chicken , Virginian ham , celery,  tomatoes , coleslaw laid on a bed of lettuce on a very presentable disposable rectangle tray.

Fruit Platter $50

fruit platters darwin

Our fruit platter is laid on colorful green base and has an assortment of seasonal fruit, including rockmelons , pineapples, apples, oranges and mandarins not to mention kiwi fruit and grapes to round out the overall look and taste.

Sandwich Platters $25

sandwich platers

We offer a samo platter with 20 sandwich quarters (5 Full sandwiches) laid on a bed of lettuce with a variety of different flavours garnished with parsley

We also supply Darwin’s most popular potato salad with customers driving in from Palmerston to taste our amazing “secret sauce”. We have on occasions nearly had a riot when customers rocked up and we were out of potato salad and coleslaw. You can order any of our platters or potato salad and coleslaw simply by calling 89816960 filling out the form bellow. You will receive an instant booking with a firm price.


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