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December 7, 2013 By Wayne @ Winsup 5

Sliced Onions Darwin easy peasy

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If you are about to have a BBQ, then you know you need “Sliced Onions Darwin”. You can go and slice them yourself and waste a whole bunch of your day. You can get an expert to slice them for you. That’s where we come in we have the tools to slice your onions ready for your BBQ damn fast and at a super value.

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Family or business

Whether you are having a family get together of a business function nearly every one needs sliced onions , obviously if you just need two onions done then its easy but what hapSliced Onions Darwinpens if you want 5, 10, or 20kg then that’s where we come in. Our industrial slicer will make those Sliced Onions Darwin faster than you can imagine, even though our slicer makes it easy we still have to strip and prepare the onions. But we are experts so that’s why we can offer such an awesome price.

Sliced Onions To Snag ration

sliced onion to snag ratio

Here’s a quick example of how many onions you will need depending on how many snags you do. This will of coarse depend on how many people take onion on their sausage samo.


How Much For Sliced Onions Darwin

Our sliced onions are very reasonable with $3.99 per kg price this generally varies depending on the price of the onions but it has been this price  for a very long time. This price is dead weight so you don’t get charged for all the skin we remove. You get charged for the final product on a per kg price. The onion gets sliced the day of pickup or the day before, but in general it is damn fresh. We only need a couple hours notice depending on the time of day and the amount of sliced onions you need.

Whats do Sliced Onions Darwin look like

Sliced Onions Darwin

We have a before and after shot for those that doubt our slicing prowess . In general they come in bags of approximately 1 to 2 kg . We weigh the bags and you get a sheet with all the different weights as well as the much needed tax invoice for your records.

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If You need some sliced onions in Darwin then please call Winnellie Supermarket on  89816960 or Contact Us if of coarse you want to stay up with whats happening with us then please join our twitter feed .

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