Useful Cooking Tips For Your Busy Life

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By doing this, your fruits will remain fresh for the entire year. You will also have fruit handy that is not normally available during that season.

It is important to properly care for your wood cutting board if you want it to last a long time. If you don’t keep your wooden cutting board moderately dry and in a cool place, you may find that it warps or cracks. It is never smart to immerse your board in water. Instead, sponge clean it with soapy, warm water. Bring a damaged wood board back to life with regular oiling, using only oil made for cutting boards. Store in a cool dry place until the product has completely dried.

Even the simple things can make the family go wow, like spreading mayo evening completely across a piece of bread. Sometimes, people who are rushed just plop some mayonnaise down on the bread and call it good. A smooth, even spread results in a sandwich in which each bite is as good as the last.

Think big if you plan to make chicken stock. Instead of making just what you need, make a huge pot so you have some to freeze and use later. You can use that delicious chicken stock in stews, casseroles, and soups. Just cool your stock and freeze it in heavyweight Ziploc freezer bags.

You can fix a pie crust. The dough of your pie crust can start to crack if you work it too hard. Simple sprinkle a little cold water on the cracks and rub and press the dough using your fingertip. If the cracks pop up on the top of the crust, dab it with milk and then sprinkle some sugar over it. When you bake the pie, the milk and sugar will form a glaze on the crust that will disguise any cracks!

When you are baking pastry crusts, try increasing the cooking time a bit. The color should be a darker caramel instead of the pale blond so many people do. This color means that the sugar has caramelized within the pie crust and will have a crunchy and sweet flavor.

It can be a chore to prepare super-healthy dark leafy greens. It can be tedious to remove the tough stems of leafy greens. To make it easier try folding it in half and then break the stem. Another way is to cut out the stem from the folded leaf with a knife. Once you unfold the leaf, it will be de-stemmed and ready for use.

Try to prep for the dinner the evening before on a busy day. Chopping and dicing vegetables for a stir-fry or assembling lasagnas or casseroles to store in the fridge can make it easier to place a hot, no-stress meal on your family’s table, even on the busiest days.

Use airtight containers for flour, sugar and baking mixes in the kitchen. Bugs can creep into your food, and most food items will become stale if exposed to the open air. These are just a couple of solid reasons that you need solid containment. Airtight containers are your best friends in the kitchen. You can get them at a number of places and are well worth the small amount of money.

When making waffles and pancakes in batches for breakfast, you will want them to stay warm until it’s time to eat. Simply warm your oven to around 300, or use the warm setting on the dial. When you are cooking your waffles and pancakes, keep them on a plate in your oven as you finish with them to prevent them from getting cold.

You may never become a professional chef, but by following some simple directions, you will become a good cook in no time at all. Becoming a good chef is not as difficult as it may seem. Just keep these tips in handy and you will soon be preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.

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