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May 9, 2016 By Wayne @ Winsup 0

Winnellie Supermarkets ATM

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There are many ways to get cash out but one of the best and most convenient is the ATM machine. Recently Westpac Winnellie left our complex and sadly took their atm. It left our customers is real trouble, we atm machine winnelliegave money out at our till but customers wanted an atm to check balances and get cash out thats where we organised our .

This created quite a dilemma for us at Winnellie Supermarket some of our customers liked getting the cash out at the till and some liked using the ATM. We carried out a survey and a majority of customers chose the ATM over cash out at tills. After much soul searching we went and found one of the premier ATM suppliers in Australia.

Once we had an ATM supplier interested in putting an ATM in our shop we then went about letting our customer’s know we now have a DC payments ATM, it is one of the newer models and is quiet a nifty little Unit.

Benefits Of Using Our ATM machine

We know that there are lots of ATM machine available in Winnellie but not many down in our particular area, there are of course the servo’s but if you are near Winnellie Supermarket these are too far out the way and after close inspection it looks like many of these use DC Payments.

So once we discovered that we have stumbled upon a great ATM supplier we thought what differentiates us from the other atms in Winnellie. Well one this is the location of the ATM, it is really quiet secure. Nobody can steal your pin number or record your details because the ATM is locked every night and opened in the morning. Another security consideration is when you take money out you are located at the back of the store out of the way of the traffic you can take your millions out and nobody will know.

Where Did Wespac Winnellie GO

Well this is a very good question they moved their whole business lock stock and barrel to Berrimah business park at  Building 1, Berrimah Business Park, 631 Stuart Hwy, Berrimah NT 0820 Phone:(08) 8923 6400. But if you can do a transaction that does not require a westpac winnellie ATM then Winnellie Supermarket’s ATM will surfice.

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