fruit and veg deliveries darwin

Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin

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While there are many options for Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin we have taken the complex and made it easy. For instance previously you had to call or go online and make an order then wait for delivery. We offer a set delivery each week and can provide quality products on time every time.Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin

Well we now take this to a new level of service, we offer pre-packaged deliveries, you simply order once, for instance you want $50 bucks worth of fruit and veg a week and we deliver it to you at a pre determined time.

Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin Uses

This service is perfect for a number of different businesses and can be set for any size order needed. for instance some of the people that could use our service are.

  • Schools
  • Takeaways
  • Offices
  • Clubs and Pubs
  • People Who can’t shop for themselves in Darwin.

What Are the charges

We charge a flat $12 for delivery and go as far as bee’s creek. Currently we have multiple customers but would like more.
You can order in baskets of

  • $20
  • $30
  • $40
  • $50
  • $$$$$$or more

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Value And Service

Our fruit and veg is excellent value and we get daily deliveries, we can also provide fresh meat if necessary. So if you want a regular fruit or veg delivery simply call 08 89816960 or contact us and we will move heaven and earth to meet your requirements. Our system is very simply you call or use our contact us page and we organize a time and place and deliver to your door. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or even business account. Basically the ball is in your court if you need Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin then we are your man fresh fresh fresh. So to get a quote or find out more give us a call 08 89816960 or contact us.

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1 thought on “Fruit And veg deliveries Darwin”

  1. Camp Australia partnered with Winnellie Supermarket to deliver weekly fruit and wholemeal bread deliveries to 12 of our Out of School Care Programs , based around the Darwin area, taking on our first program in January 2013 and our most recent program in July 2016. Unfortunately due to our business growing at a rapid rate, we needed to ensure our Supply Chain was operating effectively and efficiently, which resulted in ending our partnership with Winnellie Supermarket. This decision wasn’t based on Winnellie’s ability to deliver a great service. During the partnership period, I found the staff extremely professional and customer centric. The Quality of the fruit/veg was never a problem and deliveries were always on time. I would highly recommend Winnellie Supermarket for your fresh food needs.

    Nathan Fitzpatrick
    Fulfilment and Logistics Manager
    Camp Australia

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