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When the US marines come to Darwin for their annual rotation they are generally in the Dark about their new destination there are a number of things that they need to know to help with the transition to Australia Us Marinesand Particular Darwin.

The first thing the Us marines get a shock over is the price of Cigarettes and Alcohol, this is quiet a problem for them because they are used to paying $5 dollars for a pack of smokes and $6 dollars for a six pack.

The Government Love’s Us Marines but also loves tax on smokes

This brief rundown is a quick explanation of why Australia doesn’t have $5 smoke and $6 dollar booz, one reason is Australia is a high cost country and the second the Australian Government tax the living daylight out of these two types of addiction (we call it the sin tax). They have found many years ago one way to stop people smoking and drinking is to make things so expensive they run out of money before they do any damage to themselves.

While Winnellie supermarket (follow us on face book) can’t do to much about the tax we do have discount offers to help with the new shock price of cigarettes. We always have cigarettes under $18 bucks and weekly beer specials to make your drinking cheaper.

Mobile Phones and Modems

If you are in Australia for any length of time you will want to phone or skype home, the Base offers a free wifi location but it is always too busy. You can get 4g modems of Winnellie Supermarket for under $40 bucks and we offer a very special registration service to help you activate them. You simply need to see us in store and we will make you live, but there may be a delay of up to 12 hours. If you just want to use a quick wifi we have a free 15 minutes at the shop or if you buy a coffee you can get 45 minutes extra. Which is an hour of contact with the outside world.

Chargers and adapters: Winnellie supermarket has a large variety of Charges and adapters to help you keep your electrical gear charged ready to use simply come into store and our friendly staff will help you.

  1. Once Phone Is registered you need to recharge heres the rates
  2. Recharge information is here

Taxi And Buses

Winnellie supermarket keeps the latest bus time table at our front counter to provide you times so you can catch the next bus, alternatively you can just call 131008 you can also try a private hire car Darwin Private Hire Cars 08 8985-1425 . While this page is specifically targeting us marines you can find out more general information on our visitor information page

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