Darwin Doggy Treats Exclusive to Winnellie Supermarket

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If you are looking for good quality Value for money pet treats then look no further. The team at Winnellie Supermarket has discovered premium pet treat at a value for money price.

Darwin Doggy Treats

Darwin Doggy Treats

Initially, we were looking for a pet product to complement our wildly successful salty plum shop.

On our search, we discovered what could only be described as a stroke of genius. A master pet food creator that come up with salty plums for dogs.

While not technically salty or a plum, they actually shared the same basic size. Our marketing team jumped straight onto it and thought “sheeet they look exactly like salty plums” hence the term salty plums for dogs.

Darwin Doggy Treats Distributor.

The whole business got behind this and now we are the only local distributor for salty plums for dogs. Actually, we could probably claim to be the only distributor in the world because they are packed and distributed from our shop.

So what do Darwin Doggy salty plums for dogs look like?

Darwin Doggy salty plums for dogs

Darwin Doggy salty plums for dogs

You can see that they are nicely cut into bite-size chunks exactly like salty plums. But these are all natural 100% kangaroo.

Dog’s absolutely love the things. Winnellie Supermarket team completed a comprehensive test of these products on 2 highly intelligent and picky dogs, although in hindsight not that intelligent because they also eat horse poo.

Despite our test subjects lack of etiquette, they absolutely devoured these snack size delights. While we keep a growing range of Darwin doggy treats the most popular so far is our salty plums for dogs. You can grab these online at Beef jerky original  or come on into Winnellie Supermarket shop 13/347 Stuart highway winnellie NT 0820. Our team is currently looking for salty plums for cats, so if you have any suggestions please contact us so we can make the magic happen.

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