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Exchange SodaStream in Darwin at Winnellie

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Have you been wondering where you can exchange those SodaStream in Darwin?

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Getting your fix of sparkling water has become so easy, thanks to SodaStream. And it’s gotten even easier now that Winnellie opens its store to the SodaStream cylinder exchange system.

With a SodaStream carbonator, upgrading your tap water into fizzing water is as easy as a push of a button. One refreshing gulp can get you and your children reaching out for water more often.

SodaStream Kit (coming soon )

Each set of Sparkling Water Makers comes with a safe, reusable, and BPA-free bottle. Each bottle has a 3-year lifespan, replacing at least the 2,000 plastic water bottles that your family can use in the same period.

Saving Money with Sodastream

Over the course of a few weeks, your Sparkling Water Maker will seem to get less powerful. It may not carbonate at the level you’re used to. This could happen around the time when your 60L carbonator has already made about 60 liters of fizzing water; it could have carbonated more or less depending on the size of your carbonator. In most cases, this would mean that your carbonator may already be empty.

How Does a Darwin SodaStream exchange work

How the Winnellie Supermarket Sodastream Exchange works

Fortunately, exchanging your empty SodaStream cylinders is a breeze. All you have to do is take out your empty cylinder, take it to Winnellie Supermarket, and get a full cylinder while only paying for the CO2 refill! This would get you at least a 50% discount – a better deal than buying another carbonator.

If you need a spare carbonator though, you can easily just get another carbonator without trading in your empty one. If you empty your spare, just bring it in for a refill and you can have a full spare again. So if you ever find yourself needing to exchange your cylinders for SodaStream in Darwin, just go ahead to Winnellie Supermarket to exchange or refill your empty cylinders. A new SodaStream cylinder is always worth a trip down to Winnellie Shopping Center.

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