May 20, 2017 By Wayne @ Winsup 2

Pay Phone

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From time to time you are in need of a payphone. Winnellie Supermarket now has one of the best valuePay phone darwin pay phones in Darwin. Our pay phone has all the standard features as well as wifi. We spent a long time finding a phone that not only offers great call quality but a great price.

Our phone charges a flat 50c for 10 minutes, no matter if your calling local, mobile or national. We also have call to the US for $10 for 10 minutes.

If you want you can use the wifi from this phone to make WhatsApp calls. We charge $1 for 30 minutes of wifi.

How does our pay phone compare?

If you visit many of the pay phones in Darwin you will find that they have been vandalized. Not only that they aren’t that clean. Yes we regularly clean our pay phone and are quietly proud of the pricing.

If you are running short of credit you can simply come on down deposit 50c and make a call to any mobile in Australia.

Location In Darwin

Our phone is conveniently located at the Door of our supermarket. Our supermarket is located centrally in Darwin an equal distance from Darwin city and Casuarina.

What’s The draw Back?

Ok so why is our phone such a good value proposition. Well, the fact is we can only see one drawback. People can’t call you back. The reason this is the case is because this is an internet phone. It doesn’t have a traditional line out. It makes calls over the internet. So sadly it is totally anonymous. You will need to leave your details to get a callback, on another phone.

But this is the only drawback. So if you remember the old days when phone calls were 20c to 50c then come on into Winnellie supermarket and get some great value mobile calls.

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